An official handover ceremony of a Nippon Foundation and Sasakawa Foundation- funded patrol boat will take place today.

PSS Kedam is the additional patrol boat for Palau.

Palau has the existing PSS H.I Remeliik, which is 31.5-meter (104ft). Remeliik is Palau’s first patrol boat donated by the Australian government.


The Nippon Foundation at a cost of over $30 million funds the new patrol boat Kedam with the grant.

Kedam is expected to boost Palau’s marine surveillance capabilities and help police Palau’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone from poachers.

It is also part of the grant assistance from the Nippon Foundation and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation on the 10-year $70 million assistance provided by the two foundations referred to as the Support to Enhance Coast Guard Capabilities and Promote Eco-conscious Tourism in Palau.

The Nippon Foundation also provided new berth and the administration building, while the Sasakawa Peace Foundation provided capacity training and salary for the crew.

A signed memorandum of understanding with Palau government stated that the Nippon Foundation will provide financial support to cover fuel and maintenance cost for the vessel until the end of Japanese fiscal year 2027, and for the boat until the end of Japanese fiscal year 2026.

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation will fund employment of crews to operate the medium-sized patrol vessel, including the training of those crews, which will be conducted by the Japanese partner organizations until the end of Japanese fiscal year 2027.

The PSS Kedam is named after the Great Frigate Bird of Palau, a sea bird that is the largest bird found in Palau. (Bernadette H. Carreon) [/restrict]