People are so used to the convenience that our “one time use” products provide rather than trying to better our ways so we can protect our homes environment.

Olilai Chilton, 18, is one of the young Palauans working towards a big change and a better future in Palau. She is working on big projects that help protect our oceans, rid of plastic pollution and finding more ways to help better this pristine paradise that we call home.

Olilai is the daughter of Baklai Temengil and Joe Chilton and she is working as an intern for Heirs To Our Ocean, and organization comprised of young leaders from all over the globe who advocate for ocean conservation.

She is working to build councils in all the high schools so that she can build a community of young people to take part in projects that make our small island community more resourceful and eco-friendly. In working with all these high schools, she plans to spread awareness and team up with the youth so they can give a hand in sharing their ideas about what they could do for the community

She has been working with Heirs way before she started her internship with them. She had started working with them during her junior year in high school when she attended a meeting they had at Sam’s Tours. From that moment on, she has been working with them in their activities and even started a chapter in school.

Heirs To Our Ocean does more than protecting the ocean and is more into trying to do preventions like rid of plastic use and create more recycling habits. The Chapter was like a club where students sign up and do projects that help the environment. She went on to go on a trip for a summer program they had in Pescadero, California where it opened her eyes to so many more things that inspired her to do what she does.

Heirs to Our Ocean are youth leaders from all over the world dedicated to inspiring awareness, responsibility and action amongst youth worldwide to protect the waters of our blue planet. Heirs is an empowerment learning program with a vision of saving our oceans, waterways and humanity through educating the next generation of inspired environmental and social justice leaders.  (By Kerdeu Uong)