Olympian Stevic Patris has returned home and keen to revive and bring back weightlifting Program in Palau.  As soon as he arrived in Palau on January 24th, Stevick has organized a visit with Mrs. Lily Coffa, Oceania Weightlifting Women and Sports Coordinator to visit Palau from January 27th to 30th.  During this visit, Stevick and Mrs. Coffa organized meetings with current Palau Weightlifting Federation members to assess and revise the federation’s charter, elect new officers, promote women in weightlifting programs and develop a strategy plan for the next four years.

The Palau Weightlifting Federation is keen to work with the new officers to begin identifying junior and senior athletes to the program and to host local events as well as plan to participate in upcoming events such as Micronesian Games, Pacific Games and Oceania events.  The Palau Weightlifting Federation new officers are Stevick Patris President, Miver Umedip, 1st Vice President, Benedict Kintaro 2nd Vice President, Lue Cee Kotaro Secretary and Bryn Demeias treasurer.  Stevick’s goal is to inspire and recruit more kids to love the sport and give them opportunities like he had to be able to get fit, healthy, active and represent Palau in the future. Weightlifting is one of the top sports that secure more medals to the overall medal tally at Micronesian Games, Pacific Games and International sports events.

The Palau Weightlifting Federation and Palau National Olympic Committee welcomes back Mr. Stevick Patris home and look forward to the development and implementation of action plans of weightlifting in Palau.