Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA) Director Ismael Aguon

The reports about two women being detained at the airport turned out to be faulty as the Narcotics Enforcement Agency has now cleared the air and revealed that there was only one woman who was detained.

Ismael Aguon said, “We have ongoing investigation right now involving the seizure of about 18 grams [meth].”

However, Aguon refused to give out any further details about the incident as he believes revealing anything beyond the seizure of meth will compromise the investigation because Palau is a small community.

According to the Ministry of Justice Chief of Staff Earnest Ongidobel there have been no arrest in the incident, as per last report by Island Times.

Ongidobel had also added that officials who conducted the inspection of the woman were Customs officials and NEA officials and one of them leaked a false report at an early stage to the media. (Eshan Kalyanikar)