on the pix, front row, from left to right: Father Rusk Saburo, Sonsorol State/Gov. Nicolas Aquino, Hatohobei State Legislature Spkr. Sheila Pedro, OEK Senator Andrew Tabelual, Sonorol State Legislature Spkr. Lee Pedro. Back stand are Youth Participants.

On Sunday August 15, 2021 the OneReef – Hatohobei (Helen Reef)- Sonsorol Traditional Stewardship Summer Program (OHSTSSP) youth celebrate Mass with the community before showcasing their work during the summer. After the Mass, Fr. Rusk blessed the food, everyone had lunch and then invited speakers present their remarks.  One of the special guest speaker, Senator Andrew Tabelual, remarked that he believes the Summer Program had the elders taught from their hearts to youth a principle or value of the resources of what locally available for the youth to grow and use and to become a good Sonsorolese and Hatohobeian, and to know their own identities. The value of the knowledge and wisdom that was taught can actively pursues as a goal and holds a good future for the youth someday.

Afterwards, Youths proudly started showcase their 3 Ds Model for both Sonsorol and Hatohobei States, distances from Koror to each island, what they can see on the islands, conservation and its size of an open and close area in square meters on Helen Reef Island.  Also included on the showcase were canoe and the roof frame for the canoe house that have completed.  Youth participants did tell names on each parts of the canoe and each wood framed for the roof of canoe house.  At the end of the ceremony Mr. Wayne Andrew, the OneReef Rep.  and the guest speakers presented certificates to all youth participated in the Program and their teachers.  

Special thanks to OneReef WorldWide Stewardship – California for making the OHSTSP happen!

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