By : L.N. Reklai

October 25, 2017 (Koror, Palau) As of October 25th, only 5 confirmed cases of dengue virus infections were reported according to information from the Office the President.


Ministry of Health’s benchmark for declaring dengue outbreak is 10 reported cases per month.  With five cases reported at this period, it maybe possible that Palau can downgrade from dengue outbreak to watch status.

Ministry of Health continues to urge the community to maintain clean environment, using insect repellent and protective clothing and seeking medical help as soon as possible for suspected dengue infection.

According to report from Ministry of Health, total number of cases identified since the declaration of outbreak in October of 2016 to date was 478. Five deaths occurred as result of dengue virus infection.

85% of cases reported are Palauans, 5% were Bangladeshi, 5% were Philippino and the rest were other nationalities.  74% of all cases occurred in Koror, with 10% in Airai and the rest spread over other 14 states.

Aggressive clean up efforts in Koror state as well as regular townhall and other public information campaigns led to reduction of cases of dengue infections. [/restrict]