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Amador Osima, the prisoner who escaped solitary confinement of Koror jail last year,pleaded guilty for escaping prison and is sentenced to three-years imprisonment as of Wednesday this week.

The three-year sentence of Amador Osima runs concurrently with his underlying life without parole sentence in the Filipina murder case.

The search for Osima had gone on for about five days after he had managed to escape the solitary confinement of Koror Jail.

Osima was caught near the Seventh Day Adventist church in Koror by a number of police officials after a 5-day long manhunt.

Osima was also charged with sodomizing a five-year-old child in January 2011.

Island Times previously reported that Osima’s first crime went back to 2006 when he was reported to break into and allegedly aiding and abetting an arson of the Seventh Day Adventist educational facility.

Before the arrest of Osima, 60 officials from the Bureau of Public Safety, the Koror State Rangers, the Division of Customs, the Police Academy Cadets Groups, the Narcotics Enforcement Agency, the Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection had partnered to search the areas of Koror where Osima had been spotted. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)