In an incident involving Presidents Chief Security Guard and the guard’s wife, additional charges have been filed against the wife this month as the Office of Special Prosecutor discovered she had made new deposits by allegedly altering the deposit amount.

Margie Ngirmidol along with her husband Clifton Soalablai was charged with money laundering and theft of a government property when Soalablai deposited his pay roll check of $524.71 with a false amount of $52,471 and  Ngirmidol withdrew a total sum $6,870 in cash from it between 4th and 25th of February.

The case against the couple was filed last month but it is during this time when OSP discovered there has been another false deposit and withdrawal in March and May by Ngirmidol.

OSP claims that when Ngirmidol was approached by investigator Helenda Oimei, Ngirmidol said, “I do not understand, I just went to the Bank last Saturday [June 1] with my daughters check and entered two zeros in the end resulting in ten thousand dollars check deposit instead of hundred dollars.”

According to OSP, Ngirmidol also stated that it just happened this week and wondered how OSP caught it quickly.

As a result, there has been another case filed against Ngirmidol this month alleging that she visited Bank of Guam on the last day of May and deposited check of $100 by altering the amount to $10,000. She then withdrew $9,000 from this amount.

OSP has also alleged that this is not the first instance where Ngirmidol deposited a check with false amount. In the month of March, she deposited a $100 check by altering the amount to $1000 during the deposit and then withdrew a sum of $900.

The check was issued by the national government and was made payable to her minor daughter on information that she is differently-abled and is entitled to monthly disability checks.

Ngirmidol is now charged with two counts of theft of government property, two counts of theft in second degree and two counts of use of a computer in the commission of a separate crime. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)