Francesca Otong during the 4th Ngatpang State government installation ceremony on January 4. (Contributed Photo)

Francesca Otong became the fourth woman governor in Palau at the present after she was officially installed as Ngatpang Governor during a ceremony held on Friday, January 4.

Otong will be the latest addition to the current three women governors in Palau namely Laura Miles of Sonsorol State, Ilolang Sisca Remengesau of Ngaremlengui State, and Huana Kyoshi Nestor of Hatohobei.

Otong was sworn in office along with the other elected officials for the Ngatpang state legislature.

The newly installed governor defeated the former Ngatpang Governor Jersey Iyar, who was gunning for a second term, during the 4th General Elections held early December 2018. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)