Over $1-Million will be poured out for the development of Palau’s education sector if a grant proposal receives a final nod from India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) Facility for Poverty and Hunger Alleviation (IBSA Fund).

The IBSA Fund program is a collaboration among India, Brazil, and South Africa and the United Nations system as a means to back projects that are supportive of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN.

The program has already pre-approved around $1.3-Million for the development of infrastructures, transportation, and other facilities to enhance educational services in the country.

The pre-approved grant, however, is still subject for further review by a visiting representative from UN who is expected to come to Palau to conduct thorough evaluation and site visits on the proposed projects.

The pre-approved grant was the result of the proposal sent by the Ministry of Education to the UN which asked for support on the development of certain infrastructures and other educational facility such as construction of a teacher training center, fiberglass boat for schools in outlying islands, upgrade of septic tanks in four public schools, renovation of Palau High School’s student resource center, school roof replacement in 10 public schools, procurement of school bus, and construction of a covered basketball court. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)