Over $200,000 dollars of power and water subsidy still remain unused since the subsidy program was initiated six years ago.
With cost of power and water rising due to high price of fuel and new tariff, many are feeling the stress of keeping up with the bills, especially those whose jobs have been affected by the impact of COVID pandemic.
Perhaps many are still not aware, but there still remain over $200,000 available subsidy for those with low income or have lost jobs as result of covid pandemic.
Eligible households for this subsidy include households whose combine income is less than $13,274, or unemployed or underemployed, under CROSS Act or recipient of US CARES Act or ARPA assistance.
This assistance covers the first 150kwh of power and first 5,000 gallons of water/wastewater bill of eligible applicants.
More information about how to access this assistance, contact PPUC at 488-3870.

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