PORT MORESBY, 06 FEBRUARY 2020 (THE NATIONAL) — More than 500 Papua New Guineans, mostly students, are in China, says Health Minister Jelta Wong.

He said they were getting daily updates from Chinese authorities, the PNG embassy in Beijing and the Chinese embassy in Port Moresby.

“So our embassy knows exactly where they are in China and we are closely monitoring the situation.

“We encourage our Papua New Guinean citizens there to not travel on their own, they should remain in their homes and their dormitories where it is safe.

“We know that the Chinese government is doing its best to contain the situation, they are also doing their best to protect people including foreigners that includes Papua New Guineans.

“Right now it would best to remain where you are as traveling may expose you to the coronavirus.”

Wong said those who wished to return to PNG must inform authorities so that arrangements could be made with partner countries for a 14-day quarantine before they were let back into the country.

He said though they were Papua New Guineans, the Government’s priority remained the protection of the people in the country.

“So for those who are making their own way back, we encourage you to please contact our Foreign Affairs and International Trade office so that we can arrange with partner countries for you to be quarantined for 14 days before you come back in as currently, we do not have a facility that is big enough to keep everyone in quarantine.”….(PACNEWS)