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National Coordinating Mechanism of Non-Communicable Diseases has certified over half a million dollars of grants for non-communicable diseases related programs that were applied for in 4 States.

Letters from the Governors’ Association to both President of the Senate Hokkons and Speaker of House Sabino Anastacio reported that the project proposals have been screened and certified by the National Coordinating Mechanism and therefore now seek funding appropriation as required by law.

The grants approved include $21.5K for Angaur Fishing Go Up and Seed Supply Program, $12.6K to Ngerchelong Regenerate Palau project, Ngchesar State’s Ngchesar State Fitness and Wellness Center for $24.7K, Semesemel a Klengelakel Organization for $138.6K, HIVE Fitness and Wellness for Improved Health for $45.5K, Palau Swimming Association for $46.8K, Kotel a Deurreng (Breastfeeding for the Health of It) for $33.9K, KSG DCLE Healthy Ranger, Officers program for $5.8K, KSG Office of Governor Go Koror program for $74.5K, Coalition for Tobacco-Free Palau for $19.6K, DeWill a Klengar Foundation (Don’t Drink & Drive project) for $57.7K, Belau Wellness Center (wellness for faculty) for $50K and Pacific Academic Institute for Research (wellness initiative for youth) for $50K.  The total amount granted for the 13 programs is $581,692.

Previously under RPPL 9-57, 10% of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax went to the National Coordinating Mechanism for Prevent of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) to implement measures and guidelines for NCD prevention.

This was amended by RPPL 10-9 that created a “Non-Communicable Disease Fund” within the National Treasury with the purpose to “support the effort of the National Coordinating Mechanism for Non-Communicable Diseases.”

The law then distributes the money as State block grants to each State “based on population and needs” for the purpose of “addressing the risks associated with non-communicable diseases (NCD) in children..”

The States, according to RPPL 10-9 shall implement the funds in accordance with objectives of Executive Order 379 and report to OEK and the Office of the President no later than February of each year.

National Coordinating Mechanism will assist the States and provide a framework for coordination between national, states and others for use of the Funds. (L.N. Reklai)