The Bureau of Agriculture(BOA) reported that a total of 64 pigs had been ‘processed’ at the Palau National Slaughterhouse since April this year.

Based on the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism’s (MNRET) August 2018 report, out of the total number of pigs processed at the slaughterhouse, 34 came from private individuals who processed the pigs for custom purposes and other uses while the remaining 30 pigs were from the Animal Production Project (APP).

APP includes a program that provides piglets for farmers and six-month feeds supplies. When the pigs that are provided to the farmer reached optimal weight, APP would then purchase them from the farmer and bring them to the slaughterhouse to be processed, according to the same report.

Pig’s meat that are processed at the slaughterhouse are sold at the Ernguul Park every Thursday.

BOA continues to inform the public that the slaughterhouse continues to offer the same services and that they can be contacted via 622-5804.

The Palau National Slaughterhouse was officially opened on February 9 this year to cater to Palauan pig farmers.

The facility, which is situated in Olsirked, Ngchesar, offers hygienic, modern, efficient and humane way of processing pig’s meat. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)