Earlier this month, Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) money that was being transported from Peleliu to Koror through state boat employees was reported lost or stolen.

The missing money amounts to $6,100.69 in form of both cash and checks.

The incident took place on Wednesday last week and the case has been registered under Theft in 2nd degree which is currently being investigated by the police.

The Business Office Manager Chance Torual Gibbons said, “We collect money from Peleliu on weekly basis from the customers receiving PPUC services. Unfortunately, this time the money did not reach PPUC.”

The missing money is in the form of cash amount of $1,300 and the rest are bank checks. Gibbons said every customer who paid via check has been notified to cancel their check.

Gibbons also added that the money had already left Peleliu but while on the way the money either got stolen or lost.

“They packaged the money and sent it utilizing the state boat employees, they are the ones who do courier services to bring it over, then PPUC Koror employees go and collect the money from the employees,” Gibbons said.

The money got lost or stolen in the process of the shipment. Only one individual is responsible to collect it from the state boat employees at fisheries dock.

Gibbons said that the police have already started questioning the PPUC employees about the incident.

“I am hoping that money is recovered. If not, then PPUC will need to recover the money however we can,” Gibbons said. (Eshan Kalyanikar)