The Palau Night Market themed as, “One Love” was without question an eventful night.

On February 15th, the “One Love” Night Market welcomed 953 tourists and 807 locals in comparison to the 257 tourists and 946 locals from the previous night market. According to these numbers, the number of tourists increased by nearly 700 and the number of tourists on February 15th outnumbered locals. Number of vendors during the “One Love” Night Market were 23 and earned $8,505.75 in sales.

Thanks to the incredible band, Elei Titiml, Kelau Remeliik, Kendall Titiml and Kayama Shiro the stage was crowded with smiling tourists and locals. Other entertainment throughout the night were Medal Ngediull dancers (traditional dance performance), Ngardmau Warriors (traditional dance performance), Belau Beach Volleyball club (contemporary dance performance), Palau High School students (contemporary dance performance). Altogether, they kept the crowd alive and very much engaged.

Other side activities were also a crowd favorite: Weaving demonstration by Ms. Matsko Taro; Carving demonstration by Mr. Maximo Marcello; Glass beads demonstration by Ms. Sylvia Kloulubak; Face painting by Ms. Elsei Tellei.

Catch the Palau Night Market for Champs this Friday, March 1st at Ernguul Park to help fundraise for Special Olympics Palau. (PR)