Vicente “Ben” Babauta Jr. as chief executive officer to oversee the management of the games, scheduled for June 2022 in the Northern Marianas.

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands (NMI) – The organizing committee for the Pacific Mini Games 2022 has appointed Vicente “Ben” Babauta Jr. as chief executive officer to oversee the management of the games, scheduled for June 2022 in the Northern Marianas.
Babauta formerly served as Assistant General Manager of Operations for DFS Saipan and brings 33 years of experience in business operations to the CEO position.
“With Ben Babauta’s past and present involvement in local communities, on top of his experience with business fundraiser activities, the Games’ Oversight Committee are confident that selecting Mr. Babauta as the new CEO for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games is the right choice,” said Pacific Mini Games 2022 Organizing Committee Chairman Marco Peter. “This will be the first ever hosting of The Pacific Mini Games in the Northern Marianas, so we believe that his leadership, with the support of the Games Organizing Committee, is the best fit for the position.”
Beginning April 1, 2021, Babauta will work with the chairman, Northern Marianas Sports Association, sub-committee chairpersons, and other stakeholders and lead decision-making toward the preparation and completion of the Games.
“I am humbled and excited for this opportunity to lead the 2022 NMI Pacific Mini Games,” said Babauta “Yes, there’s a lot of work ahead as we prepare to set the stage for the athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators in the Northern Marianas for an exciting competition
Each game and an unforgettable experience on our islands. I would like to thank the Games Oversight Committee for their confidence and support as CEO. I would also like to thank Governor Ralph Torres and his administration for their commitment and support for the event.”
Twenty-four countries and territories throughout the Pacific have been invited to participate in the Pacific Mini Games, a multi-sport event governed by the Pacific Games Council as a scaled-down version of the Pacific Games, held every alternating four years.
At this time, an estimated 400-600 athletes are anticipated to participate in the following events: athletics, badminton, baseball, golf, beach volleyball, and triathlon, with tennis, weightlifting, and va’a also proposed. In a letter to the Pacific Games Council, Governor Torres has committed $4 million to the games, and the Pacific Games Council has also provided an initial $20,000 in seed money. Fundraising for cash and in-kind support will also be conducted. Additional events may be added to the games by the Pacific Games Council.
For more information, contact the 2022 Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee at

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