Omar Faustino, President of the Palau Association of Libraries (PAL), says that PAL does “not only promote reading books, magazines and newspapers, but also offers the community of each state educational outreach programs.”  The PAL librarians believe that a library is a center and a meeting place for communication of ideas important to the community.

There are 14 school libraries in Palau (Ngchesar/Ngiwal/Melekeok were consolidated to only one library). There is also the PCC and Public Libraries in Koror and other specialized libraries such as medical and law libraries.

In July, over 20 PAL Librarians met to take part in a one-week workshop led by Margo Vitarelli at the Palau Community College (PCC).  The group learned many new activities that promote children’s interest in reading, speaking, listening and creating.

 The Palau Association of Libraries is the library association for the Republic of Palau.  It is a group of librarians, teachers, and interested community members dedicated to the improvement and development of the libraries of Palau.  PAL has official quarterly meetings in March, June, September, and December.

Anyone can make donations to PAL.  Your donation will go directly to the library you choose.  If you wish to include your information, a name card will be included with the item, with your name.  This way you will be forever in Palau!

The officers of PAL are:  Omar Faustino – President:  Reilly Hideos-Vice President:  Gerda Setts-Treasurer; Felisa J. Remoket-Secretary. (PR)