Students of elementary schools at the transition workshop (Photo: Eshan Kalyanikar)

Palau Annual Eight Graders Transition Workshop which is a two day program arranged by the Ministry of started on Thursday. This year there were 16 schools that participated in the event.

Mayleen Ngiriou who is the principal of Koror Elementary School said, “We prepare them for what to expect in high school.”

Ngirou further added that main goal of the workshop is to help students get acquainted with each other.

According to Ngiriou, students coming from different backgrounds are comfortable around each other since they already meet at the annual workshop.

“Before the workshops there were fights and groups among the students. Transition workshops break the ice where students can easily interact.”  Ngiriou said.

She told the Island Times that during every transition workshop an opportunity given to the high school principals to showcase their schools. The parents then have a one on one conversation with the principals and decide what school they want to send their child to.

The program is implemented by the principals of 14 public schools. Every year the principals and the Division of School Management Chief Raynold Mechol discuss and choose the guest speakers of the year. (Eshan Kalyanikar)