James Kennedy, the Chief Legal Counsel for the Eleventh Koror State Legislature has recently passed the Palau Bar Exam and was inducted to the Palau Bar Association in Justice Materne’s courtroom.

After 3 days of taking the Palau Bar Exam, James Kennedy said he was relieved and excited after passing the exam.

Mr. Kennedy said that foreign-licensed lawyers are required to pass the exam if they wish to stay and work in the Palau government.

Passing the exam will allow him to work in Palau for more than 4 years and will also allow him to practice private legal work.

Passing the bar, he said will give him the chance to give back to the Palauans, whom he describes in his own experiences as kind, generous, and thoughtful.

He credits his friends, co-workers, as well as his bosses for encouraging him every step of the way. He said they made him realize how Palau is in need of legal help, particularly those who are not privileged or wealthy.

As an inductee to the Palau Bar Association, Mr. Kennedy believes that the Bar Association’s top priority should be to ensure that all lawyers practicing in Palau are trustworthy, competent, and diligent.

Mr. Kennedy said that he is excited about the new opportunities that will come his way and will continue to look for opportunities to help serve the public.

Right now, he will continue to work with the Koror State Government and do private work in Palau.

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