A large crowd gathered at Palasia Hotel on Thursday October 8th to celebrate Taiwan’s 109th birthday as an independent nation hosted by the Embassy of Taiwan.
During his remarks, Ambassador Wallace Chow thanked all that were in attendance of the event and talked about the relationship between the two countries.
“This year marks the 21st anniversary of Taiwan and Palau’s diplomatic relations. On December 29, 1999, Palau and Taiwan set foot together on the journey of 21 years of strong brotherhood and unwavering friendship.” Said Ambassador Chow.
Ambassador Chow also credited Palau and Taiwan’s continued cooperation with the response to COVID-19 pandemic.
“Thanks to our partnership and cooperation, we have so far successfully kept this pandemic under control.” Said Ambassador Chow.
In the year 2020, Taiwan has assisted Palau with the response to COVID-19 with the donation of various medical equipment and expertise. They have also lent a hand with Palau’s infrastructure development. They have also donated to many agencies in Palau on numerous occasions. Taiwan has also welcomed many Palauan students to study in their country as well.
During the celebration Talks of a travel bubble have also been brought up, however it will be implemented once it is safe.
“Palau and Taiwan are working to create our own safe travel bubble. The bubble with Taiwan will bring our people closer than ever with free personal exchange for medical, educational, economic, and personal needs. The friendship forged with that level of personal exchange will endure a lifetime.” Said President Remengesau.
It was also during the celebration where Taiwan’s own president, President Tsai Ing-Wen gave a congratulatory message to Palau for its 26th year of Independence and acknowledged the significant achievements that Palau has made over the years.
“Palau has grown more prosperous while safeguarding its environment and sovereignty.” Said President Tsai.
The celebration was a big turnout with attendees which include some of Palau’s Dignitaries, Taiwanese Residents, and First Lady Ingrid Aingimea of Nauru.

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