Koror, Palau – In mid-April, Palau Conservation Society (PCS) was delighted to receive support from beyond Palau’s reefs. Generously, Atalanta Sosnoff, an international investment manager, gifted PCS witha donation $3500.00.

The gift was presented by Kamani Kuala’au, Senior Vice President at Atalanta Sosnoff, who had hoped for the opportunity to present the gift in person. This, of course was not possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Kuala’au is the PCS representative at Atalanta Sosnoff, a company that manages a portion of PCS’Endowment Fund. A native Hawaiian from Honolulu, Mr. Kuala’au holds a special place in his heart for Palau, its people,and the country’s efforts to conserve its precious environmental resources.

Generous donors like Atalanta Sosnoff play a significant role in protecting Palau’s pristine environment. They understand that the health of Palau’s ecosystems is directly related to the health of Palauan livelihoods and the economy.

Last year with the help of donors, PCS was able to provide over 200 students with the opportunity to get first-hand experience on the global fight against marine plastic pollution. With this new gift from Atalanta Sosnoff, PCS is excited to be able to reach more students by year’s end.

The PCS Board of Directors and staff are grateful to Atalanta Sosnoff, Mr. Kuala’au, and all donors for their support, especially in these difficult times. Any company or individual who would like to make a donation is encouraged to contact Ms. Bola Majekobaje, PCS Executive Director at 488-3993, bola@palauconservation.org, or visit www.palauconservation.org

Kom Kmal Mesulang!