Palau now ranks second in the Run the World Challenge 3, a global running event that aims to bring runners from different parts of the globe to complete a goal of logging 24,901 miles which is a distance equivalent to circling the globe.

As of November 19, Palau placed second with a total of 1,390 logged miles after the United States team, ranked 1st, which already logged a total distance of 3,416 miles.

Palau is only a few miles ahead of Kenya which now ranks third at 1,332 miles. Team size for each country, however, varied but the goal is only one – to altogether log miles enough to circle the world.

The Run the World Challenge 3 just began on October 29, 2018 and runners are still continuously logging miles until the goal is met.

Palau’s team is composed of triathletes and running enthusiasts that run together every early Saturday morning starting from KB-Bridge Koror side to the Aimeliik State. Aside from the weekly group run, each team member also does their individual run, hence, contributing more miles to represent Palau.

The Run the World Challenge, which is founded by American runner Bob Anderson, aims to bring runners from all over the globe together and inspire and motivate them to complete a goal.

“I created My Best Runs’ Run The World Global Run Challenge to help bring runners all over the world of all ages, abilities and cultures together,” Anderson is quoted in an article published on

Anderson has started running since February 19, 1962 and had already joined over a thousand races. He published a magazine called Runner’s World in 1966 which was distributed for 18 years.

Even at 70, Anderson continues to run and log miles, inspiring and motivating runners from different parts of the world.

Among the participating countries for the challenge, aside from the United States, Palau, and Kenya, are South Africa, India, Reunion French Department, Canada, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Sweden, and Korea.

The challenge has simple rules such as a team must have members with varied age groups and must be composed of no more than 175 active members.

Team Palau continues to seek for runners from Palau, regardless of age, sex, or nationality, who are interested and motivated to join the team in furthering the miles.

For more information or inquiries on how to be part of the team, contact Team Leader Aaron Salvador at 778-9628. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)