Palau Explorer Club field trip (Photo by Danka Ledgerwood)

The Palau Explorer Club is offering a membership for $10 per person for a year and $2 per person fee for every field trip.

There is also an option of paying a $30 which includes field trip fee and the membership fee for a year. There will be at least 10 field trips conducted namely Flying with PMA, Dolphin’s Pacific visit & swim, kayaking, waterfall hiking trips and more. When accompanied by family members the payment is $50 per year for the whole family which includes the signup fee as well. There is a limit of 10 people per a family. Every participant will get a fast drying T-shirt with the logo of the program. There will be lunch, fruits and vegetables provided on every field trip. There is currently an application for grant to get support in process.

Those who are interested can visit Angel Center topside in Koror at Bital Ked to sign up. The spot needs to be secured in advanced. There is a choice given to the participant to choose the desired trip. Field trips will be on Sundays and national holidays. The Angel center has the facility for arts and crafts on Sunday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm.

The first Field trip will be to a waterfall in Ngchesar. There will be another field trip to waterfall Mesekelat River in close future which will be on a Sunday as well. (PR)