Battle Trip hosts and guests discussing about Palau in the show's episode 150. (screenshot of the episode)

A popular South Korean reality TV show called “Battle Trip” featured Palau’s famous sites and food in a travel documentary that followed the adventures of two Korean actresses.

Battle Trip, a trip competition between two groups of celebrities, showcases travel adventures of each group to a particular destination where the winner is chosen based on audience popularity.

The program dedicated a whole episode, Episode 150, which aired on June 23 for about an hour and 16 minutes and followed the adventures of Korean actresses Ryu Hyun Kyung and Gong Ah-Sung in Palau. The two actresses had prominent roles in South Korean films and had both appeared in a movie titled “Office.”

The group battled with another group of celebrities who was featuring Yogyakarta, Indonesia and whose travel adventures will be aired in the next episode.

Korean actresses Gong Ah-Sung (left) and Ryu Hyun Kyung (right) applying the famous mud from the Milky Way on their bodies during their trip to Palau. (Screenshot of Battle Trip Episode 150)

South Korean actress Ryu Hyun Kyung described Palau in the program as the “hidden jewel of the South Pacific” while Gong Ah-Sung also bragged about Palau as “a country with the world’s cleanest sea.”

“The sea we saw in Palau is not something we can see again unless we go back to Palau,” the two celebrities expressed in the show.

The aerial view of Palau’s famous group of islands. (Screenshot of Battle Trip episode 150)

The two Korean celebrities spent one night and two days in Palau enjoying its famous Rock Islands, the Milky Way, The Big Drop Off, an aerial tour around Palau, and a trek to the Ngardmau Waterfalls. They even tried Bem Ermii’s burger and had a food trip at the Night Market, Umi restaurant, and the Elilai Restaurant where they had the chance to try Palau’s locally brewed beer, the Red Rooster.

The two celebrities provided a bit of a background about Palau, its brief history and location.

The winning group for this Battle Trip will be revealed in the next episode after the trip presentation of the second group.

Battle Trip is aired by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) every Saturday. It debuted on April 16, 2016 and has since been running, featuring several celebrities and their different travel destinations.

Battle Trip Episode 150 can be streamed online through various streaming sites such as and (Rhealyn C. Pojas)