Run The World Challenge – Palau team after the victory run on January 12 at the Palau Community College (PCC) Track. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

 Palau capped off the Run The World (RTW) Challenge 3, a global running challenge, by placing 3rd with a total of 3,357 logged miles next to Kenya, 2nd, and the United States, 1st.

The challenge, which aims to bring runners from different parts of the globe to complete a goal of logging 24,901 miles – a distance equivalent to circling the globe, had been completed for 68 days and eventually came to an end on January 6.

Another challenge is also set to begin in March and the team is encouraging as many people to join the next season.

RTW Palau team member Tutii Chilton, a self-confessed non-runner, told Island Times that being part of the challenge has brought him confidence in running.

“I am not a runner. I used to wrestle but we do some running… but then Peoria encouraged me to run for like one mile, then two miles. Now, I’m up to 5K which is 3.1 miles,” Chilton said.

From left to right: Run The World Challenge Team Members Larry Wakakoro, Tutii Childton, and Peoria Poich Koshuba. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

Larry Wakakoro, another self-confessed non-runner, also said that running with the team had motivated him to run a little bit more.

“It’s a good exercise that you can do by yourself and once you start, you’re going to gain more confidence and then you’re gonna start loving to run every day,” Wakakoro said, explaining that running with the group is motivating.

“The thing about this is that you get to do your own pace and they just encourage you to do your own pace until you’re comfortable to try and run with the group. You can run as fast as you can and then walk a little bit but the more you do it, the more you build endurance to run longer run. And that’s how I started off, I started run, walk, and now I can actually do three miles without stopping,” Wakakoro shared.

Wakakoro also urged other Palauans to join the next challenge.

“Just come and join. Try it. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like it. But if you like it, it’s gonna be something that you wanna do every day,” Wakakoro added.

Peoria Poich Koshiba of the Palau Track and Field Association who is also an RTW Palau team member, said that what she likes about the challenge is that one can set the goal that they wanted to do.

“It’s not like a goal imposed by anybody. I [set] my goal so I work on my own to try and get to that,” Koshiba expressed.

Koshiba is also trying to get sponsors that could help fund the registration fee of Palauan athletes for the next challenge, saying that this will help the country’s athletes in their trainings.

The Run the World Challenge 3 just began on October 29, 2018.

Palau’s team is composed of triathletes, running enthusiasts, and even running novices that only had their first long runs during the challenge.

The Run the World Challenge, which is founded by American runner Bob Anderson, aims to bring runners from all over the globe together and inspire and motivate them to complete a goal.

Among the participating countries for the challenge, aside from the United States, Palau, and Kenya, are South Africa, India, Reunion French Department, Canada, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Sweden, and Korea.

Team Palau continues to seek for runners from Palau, regardless of age, sex, or nationality, who are interested to join the next challenge in March.

For more information or inquiries on how to be part of the team, contact Team Leader Aaron Salvador at 778-9628. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)