Palau Girls Junior Basketball team left on January 13, 2020 to Lucban, Philippines to participate in the 7th Dreamers International High School Challenge. The program is the 2nd leg of a four-year strategic plan of Palau Basketball Federation in developing these junior national players to represent Palau in the next Micronesian games in 2020 and beyond.

The team consists of 9 players, their coach and their team manager. The players are Jaelynn Tevid, team captain; Namiko Singich-co captain; Suko Watanabe; R-Jane Skebong, Cheyenne Kazuma, Kukumai Ueki, Jenna Kyota, Kristen Sugiyama, & Kiane -Lei Alexander. Head coach is Rayson King and Assistant Coach Stephanie as well as their Team Manager Logan Ngiriou.

These girls come from all the different high schools in Palau along with several PCC freshman. They will compete against 15 other teams form Philippines, Guam, Malaysia and many others. They have practiced ma ny months for this competition and fundraise to raise money for this. (Kerdeu Uong)