Palau Visitor Authority (PVA) is pleased to announce that the Palau High School Juniors will be hosting the night market to be held on December 9, 2016 at the Ernguul Central Park from 5 p.m.-  9 p.m. To help PVA promote our culture and heritage the PHA Juniors and Aloha Dancers will entertain us with their best local dances as well as contemporary dances.


PVA and PHS Juniors will also bring in live band entertainment from local star singers while vendors will be selling many international and local delicacies for visitors and locals to taste.

We also ask the public to please be mindful of pedestrians at this time as traffic may also be congested.
If you are interested in being a vendor that evening, please call Palau Visitors Authority at 488-2793/1930.

Thank you and let us all work together, to promote Palau through sustainable and responsible tourism. [/restrict]