Yuzo Yasui

I experienced many things during my two years in Palau thanks to the kind assistance from the Palauan people. I will go back to Japan with heartwarming and exciting memories in my heart. Thank you so much for everything.


January 2016, I was assigned to Renewable Energy Division of PPUC (Palau Public Utilities Cooperation; Electric Power Company) as a senior volunteer for JICA. I experienced many things, and three of them are especially memorable.

The first one is that I often went out to sights for changing street lights into LED bulbs. This change is highly beneficial for saving energy. Despite the hot weather and drought, I visited all the states in Palau (except for Sonsorol and Hatohobei) and many hamlets. During those visits, I saw how people live and understood the electric facility situation. Many times, I got gifts of drinks and fruits from the local people. I felt the kindness of the Palauan people.

The second is that I thought about what I could do after hearing that Palau targets 45% of its energy to be renewable energy by 2025. I was aware that this target is a very important matter for this island country, but at the same time, I felt that the target is highly challenging. I decided to see this by numerical data. I made daily Load Curve (demand of electricity for 24hours) throughout the year in consideration of solar power, which will increase in the near future. Then using this Load Curve, I conducted a case study to achieve the 45%. It showed that solar power has to be installed more to achieve the target, as well as installing other renewable energy (e.g. wind power), storage system and others.


The third is that the JICA’s project for upgrading national grid in Palau has started. After looking at many electric facilities, I felt some substations and lines should be improved or changed. It was my pleasure to show the sight and express my opinion to the engineers from Japan when they visited Palau. I hoped to see how the grid of Palau will improve, but unfortunately, my term is about to end and that would not be possible.

Lastly, what Palau impressed me the most is the bright blue sea and the sky. Fortunately, I visited the world heritage Rock Is., Peleliu, Angaur and Kayangel Island in the past two years. Wherever I went, I saw cobalt blue sea, gradation of white sand to blue ocean and beautiful sunset. I took a lot of photos that will take some time to organize. I will treasure these photos. I hope this beautiful ocean will be protected forever. And for that, I also pray that more renewable energy, especially solar power will be installed even after I leave this pristine country, Palau.

Thank you so much! Mesulang! [/restrict]