By: L.N. Reklai

May 12, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Palau International Ship Registry earns Palau over half a million in 2016 bringing the total earnings to little over $1.5 million since its inception in 2012.


Meeting with Palau leadership this past week, company CEO Panos Kirnidis, Maritime Registrar and Seafarer Director Leslie Mezzich and Critiano Aliperta, Alternative Permanent Representative to IMO reported on the company status.

Reporting that the company had opened a new office in Greece in addition to the one in Houston, it expects to expand their customer base as well as service their customers more efficiently.

Being the youngest ship registry in the world,  it promotes itself as innovative and technologically oriented.

PISR plans to launch a marketing campaign to build a strong brand around Palau International Ship Registry.

It has achieved many of its targeted benchmarks in the last 3 years including expanding their new office to Europe, increase their staff with professional maritime experts and launching a new Deficiency Prevention System (DPS) through a dedicated department monitoring all Palau ship to reduce deficiency and casualties and obtaining ISO certification by ABS for their Houston office and now in process for their Greece office.

PISR seeks to assist Palau as well in many areas of maritime that would benefit both Palau and PISR. Such areas of assistance include helping Palau create a Maritime Administration for its coastal vessels, assist Palau become a member of Asia-Pacific MOU, establish super yatch registry, and to increase revenue for PISR so that it become a strong source of revenue for the Republic of Palau.

“Palau is very unique in that it can quickly decide on positive actions due to its smaller government.  Example was the ratification of the Nairobi Convention, which had key elements that were time sensitive and Palau was second country to ratify the convention,” stated CEO Kirnidis.

Palau International Ship Registry is the newest shipping registry established in 2012, now has 552 ships registered, 275 of which are active fleet. [/restrict]