Members of the Palau Media concluded its five once-a-week Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) Budget reporting workshop on March 27.

PACMAS  is a regional program here in the Pacific that the government of Australia supports.

Australia Ambassador to Palau, Ms. Richelle Turner who graced the last day of the training congratulated the media practitioners for completing the training and thanked the Palau Media Council for supporting the program.

This is the first training that PACMAS  has delivered in Palau and in the North Pacific.

Ambassador Turner said the media plays a crucial role in the community,

“PACMAS is a key program for Australia, why is that, we recognize that open and free media is very important for any democracy, so this It is a great program,’ she said.

The budget training is aimed at helping journalists explain to the people of Palau how the government budget affects their lives and livelihoods and the services they need.

The Palau Media Council is also grateful for the time and effort put by PACMAS to make the training possible.

“I am sure you are all feeling more confident about business and economic reporting, key factors to inform the community going forward “ Ms. Turner added.