The Palau National Olympic Committee held its Annual General Assembly today at the Palau Coral Reef Center conference room.

Key agenda was the election of the Palau NOC Board Officers and the following Board Members and Officers were elected at this Annual General Meeting to serve in the next four years 2017-2020 – Frank Kyota, President, Temmy Shmull, Vice President, Laura Mangham – Secrerary and Frida Delmau – Treasurer.  Board Members included Ernestine Rengiil, Alonz Moses, and Hila Asanuma.  


Other discussions covered the overall sports development included Games reports of the Olympic Games, and upcoming games of Micronesian Games, Pacific Games, Mini Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Various sports federations had an opportunity to highlight their events this year and proposals for activities for 2017.  The Commissions of the Palau NOC sports of Medical, Athletes and Education Commission also presented activities affecting the sports overall planning and development and opportunity for improvements.

The General Assembly concluded with a workshop in the afternoon of all the sports federations in preparing and proposing 2017 calendar of events, financial outlook, facilities assessment, sports support mechanism in place and needs and other key discussions on ways to continue to improve the role of sports in our community.

The Palau NOC member national sports federations of Palau Baseball Federation, Canoe Association of Palau, Palau Tennis Federation, Palau Softball Federation, Palau Swimming Association, Palau Basketball Federation, Palau Track and Field Association, Belau Weightlifting Association, Belau Wrestling Federation, Belau Table Tennis Association, Belau Triathlon Federation, Palau Football Association, Palau Archery Association, Palau Volleyball Federation and Palau Judo Federation attended the general meeting.

The Palau NOC with all National Sports Federations extends much appreciation to our many sponsors, our government (national and state), friends and families, Athletes and lastly our Palau community for your continued support and commitment to sports programs in Palau. [/restrict]