The Palau National Olympic Committee President Frank Kyota and Secretary General Baklai Temengil-Chilton met with the Governor’s Association during their regular Monthly meeting. The meeting provided the opportunity for the Palau NOC to present and share updates on sports programs available through the Palau NOC and the respective national sports federations. 


The Palau NOC also continues to engage and rely on the partnerships of the respective State Governors and government input and continued support towards sport development and available programs throughout Palau.  “The State Government has been the main factor to sports programs in Palau and we are truly thankful for that” said Baklai Temengil-Chilton.

The President of the NOC, Frank Kyota, also provided updates on our athletes at Lincoln College in the United States through sports scholarships, Japan 2020 Tokyo scholarships, and Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires Scholarship and other related sports programs for 2018 and 2019.

“There are many opportunities for our children through sports programs and with the partnerships of the States and Palau NOC in our youth development, we can realize more sports college scholarships and career opportunities such as sports officials, information technology and on sports administration side” said Frank Kyota.

The Palau NOC also expressed to the Governors to work with them to schedule States sports outreach programs to bring more sports and physical activities to our communities as we recognize and celebrate 2018 as the Year of Health.

Palau NOC also updated the Governors with the ongoing work of Team Palau for the upcoming Micronesian Games in Yap this year.   The Palau National Olympic Committee would like to thank the Governors’ Association and their respective State for their continued partnership and support toward our athletes and sports development and programs throughout Palau.  [/restrict]