On Aug 25th, Counselor Peter Hsieh of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy made a donation of $1,000 to the Palau Parents Empowered (PPE) in support for youth with disability in Palau.


The PPE is an important non-government organization for parents of children and youth with disabilities in Palau. It started operation in 2010 with a grant from the Office of Special Education Program under the US Department of Education. With that funding, the PPE were able to serve families with children in need of special education.

After the funding ended, the PPE managed to find financial support from the public donations, and continued to provide support and resources to parents and youth with disabilities through a series of training and workshop. From these programs, parents learn their rights in special education to advocate and ensure their children receiving services in need to succeed in school, and youth with disability learn their rights and skills to be self-advocates.

PPE Executive Director Francesca Morei-Misech said, it’s an additional burden to the families having children who need special care in today’s high cost of living. Counselor Hsieh expressed that we understand the importance of sustainability of such assistance to families in need, and the donation from Taiwan Embassy is a small token to show its support to PPE’s relentless efforts in supporting the parents of children and youth with disabilities in Palau. [/restrict]