Palau Polenysian Dance Group in South Korea. (Contributed Photo)

The Palau Polynesian Dance Group (PPDG) had a chance to perform at Cheonan International World Festival in South Korea from September 23-October 1.

The PPDG were among the dance troupes from 13 countries that performed in South Korea along with Korean dance groups. Some of these countries that performed included Uzbekistan, Columbia and Ecuador.

They performed in three cities of South Korea namely Incheon, Asan and Cheonan.

PPDG also attracted so much attention that they’ve been offered to perform in other foreign countries’ festivals, PPDG Dance instructor and head John Poima said.

The Festival was also a competition that had four categories namely traditional, solo and duet, and Funny dance. PPDG won first place in Funny Dance.

Poima said he couldn’t have been more thankful for the people that showed them great hospitality and for the great experience because that wouldn’t be possible without all the people that funded them and really went out of their way to help them,

Poima also gave a shout-out to the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK) and the office of the president along with the hotels and people who supported them throughout the event.

The PPDG also expressed their thanks to Palauan businessman Alan Seid who flew all the way to South Korea to support them and for providing them a place to stay in.  (Kerdeu Uong)