The Palau International Shipping registry (PISR) explained that it is “working to step up and be in the grey list” from the black list.

This was in response to news reports that Palau and Vanuatu have become the latest entries into the black list of the Paris MoU committee.


Both countries will be moved from the grey list effective 1 July, joining other flag states such as Belize, Moldova, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Cambodia and Tanzania.

A total of 123 inspections took place on Palau-flagged vessels and 23 of them resulted in detentions.

There were 277 inspections on Vanuatu-flagged ships, with 31 detentions.

But Leslie Mezzich, the registry’s International Maritime Registrar & Seafarer Director in an email to PISR’s Palau representative said that as a small and new ship registry ,

“ that there is a process of maturity we have to go through all flags goes through this.  Actually, we expected to be this year in the black list and we are in a better position than we had expected,” she said.

Mezzich further said that PISR is working on a system to improve their status. She said PISR has   introduced Deficiency Prevention System (DPS), a uniquely designed and developed by PISR and launched in January 2017.

“There is a dedicated DPS department within PISR which monitors the location and destination of the Palau flagged vessels and analyzes with over 93% confidence their risk performance and priority for inspection by a PSCO.

She also said that Palau have the less number of detention among all other flag placed in the black list.

She said that inspections were only 123 from 2014-2016,  with a total of 23 ships detained.

“We had also explained that formula used by PMOU is not in favor of the small registries that do not have many inspection in that area which few vessels being detained is not working in our favor,” she explained.

The “White, Grey and Black (WGB) list” presents the full spectrum, from quality flags to flags with a poor performance that are considered high or very high risk. It is based on the total number of inspections and detentions over a 3-year rolling period for flags with at least 30 inspections in the period (Paris MOU on Port State Control). [/restrict]