By: L.N. Reklai

July 27, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Latest report from the Ministry of Health showed the number of confirmed dengue cases to be dropping compared to previous months across all the States and also all of the Koror State hamlets.


Three weeks into the month of July, the overall cases reported reached 54 compared to 122 in June.  Koror State where bulk of the dengue cases was reported had 40 cases this month of July compared to 93 in June. Every hamlet in Koror is showing decline in number of cases as well. Madalii for example have 3 reported cases this month compared to 18 last month.  Ngermid had 3 compared to 12 last month. Only five states had reported cases compared to eight states last month.

Of those infected, 84% were Palauans, 5% were Bangladeshi and less than 5% affected were other nationalities. Most cases in June and July were between ages of 10 and 29 years of old and most of them were males representing about 57% of all infected.

Clean up efforts, public awareness campaigns and seeking of early medical attention contribute to continuing decline in new cases.

Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts to urges vigilance and great care by the public. “We have not reached the safe threshold of 10 cases per month and therefore still under the Dengue Outbreak Watch and we must continue to clean around our homes and communities and take all precautions to reduce possibility of acquiring the virus,” advised Minister Roberts to the public in the recent radio broadcast. [/restrict]