By: L.N. Reklai

November 2, 2017 (Koror, Palau) A recently concluded Joint Committee Meeting between the Republic of Palau and United States, yielded one positive result for the Ministry of Education, the agreement to provide Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery testing (ASVAB) for juniors and seniors in high school in Palau.


“Our goal is not to push Palauan students to military through this testing.  Taking this test does not mean a student will be going to the United States military. That’s an individual decision.  The benefit we gain from this very comprehensive testing program, will be to obtain information on the level of each student aptitude,  track that student and also to measure the quality of instruction we are delivering to our students,” stated Minister Sinton Soalablai of the Ministry of Education.

“This test is very expensive and we will be getting it for free.  Palau will have to provide a testing center but the test will be free,” added Soalablai.

According to Minister Soalablai, U.S. had also agreed to provide aggregate records of previous tests going back so many years.  “We will be able to see performance levels of students over the years,  if they were accepted to military what branch, and how many. This is very valuable information for us to know of those that went into military,” added Soalablai.

“We had SAT 10 tests but those tests are norm-referenced tests, meaning that they merely compare our students with similar students in various schools in the United States.  ASVAB test will test student’s knowledge of subject and set curriculum,” explained Minister Soalablai.

According to Minister Soalablai, there will be a visit in March from the U.S. side to discuss how this will be implemented. [/restrict]