Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch along with the Marine Law officers and crew members of the Palau Patrol Boat Kedam welcomed Lieutenant Commander Tomita of Japan Coast Guard who will be working with Marine Law Enforcement Division as an advisor at the new Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection building at Malakal yesterday.

Under the joint memorandum of agreement with Nippon Foundation and Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the technical advisor from Japan will be working with Palau marine law enforcement to help build capacity of marine law enforcement.

“I believe my role here is to strengthen Japan and Palau’s relationship. I expect to work closely with Palau marine officers and other important personnel to do so,” stated Lt. Commander Tomita.

Vice President Oilouch urged the marine law officers to take advantage of the opportunity to gain as much knowledge and skills as they can from Lt. Commander Tomita expertise.

Lt. Commander Tomita will be joining patrol with marine law enforcement on Patrol Boat Kedam.  He will be coming to Palau regularly to assist by provide his expert advice. (L.N. Reklai)