In a welcoming ceremony at the Palau International Airport, President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. welcomed Skymark Airlines Board Chairman, Mr. Nobuo Sayama and his management team.

President Remengesau expressed his gratitude for Skymark’s diligence, hard work, and perseverance to get everything that was necessary done for Skymark to begin flying to Palau. “It has been nearly two years since we started discussions of our partnership. It is no small feat for a domestic airline to be able to fly internationally. I know a lot of work was put in to making this happen. I congratulate your team and our team in Palau and I Thank you for bringing back direct flights between Japan and Palau,” said President Remengesau.

Skymark Airlines now services chartered direct flights between Japan and Palau twice a week and is scheduled to begin regularly scheduled flights in July this year.

“Skymark will bring much appreciated convenience to our visitors and locals as they will not have to go through the hassles of transiting elsewhere to Palau. And for the Palauan business community – Skymark brings such a major boost of confidence. Our local community is also looking forward to flying directly to Japan as well. We look forward to Skymark’s regular scheduled flights in the summer. With our expanded and improved airport to be completed in July, we are excited about what the future will bring with Skymark. The marketing efforts by Palau Visitors Authority and SOJITZ will surely make a big impact in “re-introducing” Palau to the Japanese tourism market and the rest of the world. I am sure that Skymark will be a great contributor to the success that these partnerships will bring. This Skymark inaugural flight makes a great addition to Japan and Palau’s 25th year Anniversary celebrations. I thank the people and government of Japan and Prime Minister Abe’s Administration for all of their efforts in making this happen,” added President Remengesau.

Skymark will fill the void left by Delta Airlines when it pulled out of its direct service between Japan and Palau in May of 2018.