With a score of 7 to 3, Palau won the goodwill baseball game against Taiwan at Asahi field on March 13th. This activity along with several others are in commemoration of the 15th annual Fleet of Friendship program.

Palau’s team consisted of the local athletes while the navy soldiers aboard the fleet were on Taiwan’s team. The competition was fierce between the two countries with both teams being able to perform catches against each other and hitting the ball impressively.

Taiwan was able to get an early lead during the first few innings of the game, however, Palau caught up with Taiwan as the game went on and in the end were able to secure victory.

Prior to the game, there were different performances such as taekwondo performance and a marching band. Palau and Taiwan flags were given to the people who attended the game. Minister Temengil-Chilton, Embassy of Taiwan in Palau, and several navy soldiers from the fleet watched the game.