Retired US Army CW4 Naomi Barcinas-Davis and her son, the first Palauan recruited to Space Force, Nikolaus Barcinas.

A Palauan mother retires from the United States Army while her son becomes the first Palauan recruit to the United States Space Force.

CW4 Naomi Leila Barcinas-Davis, daughter of Senri Sugiyama Barcinas, and granddaughter of Nobuya and Simane Sugiyama, officially retired on January 3 as Chief Warrant Officer 4.  The position is a senior-level technical and tactical expert that primarily supports battalion, brigade, division, corps, and echelons above corps operation.

Naomi served as an All Source Intel Tech at 0205 M CO B MI Company in Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

Nikolaus Barcinas, the son of Naomi Barcinas-Davis, is the first Palauan to be recruited into the US Space Force.  He is currently Specialist 3 at Buckley Space Force Base in Colorado, USA.

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