United Airlines is also taking a beating from the Palauan forums in the social media after a video of passenger being pulled out forcibly from his seat went viral.

With some Palauan facebook users calling for a boycott of the United Airlines after a video of an unidentified 69-year-old man is shown being yanked from his seat and dragged off the plane. The man was then taken to the hospital for non-threatening injuries, according to the Chicago Aviation Police Department.


The man was later identified as a doctor but the video already sparked outrage on social media and now people are saying they plan to boycott United’s service.

In Palau, social media users are questioning why force has been necessary to remove the passengers from the airline.

According to Internet news, United Airlines announced that it would refund the tickets for all customers who were on the flight when the man was removed and that it would no longer ask police to remove passengers from full flights.

The airline said that passengers on United Express Flight 3411 on Sunday would be compensated equal to the cost of their tickets and could take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles, the Guardian reported.

United Airline is the only airline with direct route to United States territory of Guam from Palau.  Other airlines such as Delta, China Airlines and Korean Air connect to United States but have multiple stops in different countries prior to entering United States.

Before United, Continental Airlines was the first US commercial airline to serve Palau and this region since 1968. The airline was acquired by United in 2010 for $3 billion dollars.

Since the acquisition of Continental by United, complains about the airline’s poor customer service and its constant delays have escalated.

Palau social media forums records regular rants from aggravated United customers.

Some are hoping that passengers from or to Palau will not experience the same treatment when flying with United.[/restrict]