Palau’s allies and friends rallied to help Palau prepare against COVID-19, a virus pandemic that had nearly shut down the entire world. In the past two days,  the Ministry of Health has received donations from the United States of America, the Republic of China Taiwan and Australia.  Last week it received supplies from Japan.

Despite fighting the pandemic in their own respective countries, Palau’s allies still stepped up to help with much-needed supplies and equipment.

The United States of America donated 40 cots to be used at the alternate care site in case there are patients that need to be quarantined there as well as $374,794 to cover the cost of quarantine sites, purchasing of protective personal equipment, bio-safety cabinet, and to cover shipment costs of medical supplies to the country.  The United States also paid the cost of a charter plane that brought critical test kits, equipment and experts from Taiwan to Palau.

United States also pledged to bring more medical supplies and test kits in three weeks’ time.

Ambassador John Hennessey-Niland said during the handover ceremony that “It’s a team effort and a big challenge. Everyone has a role to play and we are happy to play our role in helping Palau at this time of need.”

Republic of China Taiwan donated a generous amount of medical equipment that included an RT PCR Machine, Centrifuge Machine, Automated Extraction Machine, 1000 Test Kits, and 2 Infrared Thermometers.  They also provided the expertise of 2 Taiwanese Medical Experts from Shin-Kong Hospital.

Mr. Lung-Wen, Tuan Mu, a Lead Respiratory Therapist and Mr. Yi-Wei Chen, a Lead Specialist of Pathology will be staying in Palau for more than two weeks to assist with the installations of the medical equipment as well as provide the necessary training for the medical staff.

Taiwan has also committed to donating 5 ventilators to Palau, 20,000 surgical masks, more infrared thermometers, and other medical supplies.  The total value of Taiwan’s support is $200,000 dollars so far.

“With 0 confirmed cases so far, having the equipment set up and medical workers trained, Palau will be in a good position to tackle this monstrous virus…Let’s continue to work hand in hand to overcome this pandemic crisis,” stated Ambassador Wallace Chow.

Australian government donated 5 ventilators that were bought from Taiwan and 5 cardiac monitors. In addition to that, Ambassador Richelle Turner and the Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts signed a Grant Agreement confirming Australia’s support of 200,000 Australian Dollars for medical equipment and supplies.

In addition, Ambassador Richelle Turner donated $15,000 to the Palau Red Cross Society to help with communication efforts with the government.

Ambassador Richelle Turner said that she was honored to present these life-saving equipment to the Ministry of Health and that Australia’s prayers are with Palau during this crisis.

Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts, in a separate ceremony with each country, expressed deep gratitude to Palau’s friends and allies, saying that they are “true friends that help each other in time of need.” He also extended prayers to the 3 countries as they too continue with their fight against COVID-19.