A Japanese national had compiled some Palauan words that are borrowed from Japanese language and published it into a dictionary.

The dictionary which is entitled “A Dictionary of Japanese Loanwords in Palauan” is the product of the research project that Japanese national, Dr. Keisuke Imamura, started with the collaboration of the Palau Language Commission (PLC).

Dr. Imamura, during the press conference on Wednesday, September 18, said that the dictionary contains a more extensive number of Japanese loanwords compared to its predecessor dictionary that was compiled by Lewis Josephs.

Imamura’s dictionary contained more than 1,000 Japanese loanwords that are used by Palauans in daily lives.

Five hundred copies of the dictionary will soon be shipped to the Palau’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to be distributed to schools. Imamura added that the copies are expected to arrive after about three months.

Imamura said that he had also conducted trainings for around 20 Palauan language teachers on how to use the dictionary. The teachers, according to Imamura, gave positive feedbacks and said that they could use it in teaching Palauan language in schools.

President Tommy Remengesau, Jr., meanwhile, said that some Japanese words are so ingrained in Palauans’ daily interactions that somehow it calls for a need to educate them about it.   (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)