Health Minister Emais Roberts did not deny the reports that the Belau National Hospital had run out of dialysis machine filters during Palau’s celebration of 24th Independence Day but he was quick to add that the problem has been fixed on Tuesday.

Roberts was responding to a media inquiry about the veracity of the report during a press conference on Wednesday at the President’s Satellite Office in Meyuns.

According to Roberts, orders for the filters are expected to come on October 8, however, the hospital had run out of the supply over the weekend, hence raising concerns to individuals who expressed that nearly 30 patients undergoing dialysis at the hospital are going to face risks if the supply does not come soon enough. Some even took it to the social media to air their concerns on the matter.

Roberts, who had just arrived on the island on Sunday evening after attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, that the Ministry has placed an order in Hawaii but it “got stuck” at a carrier where they were put up.

Roberts said that he found out about the shortage as soon as he arrived, assuring the public that they had already fixed the problem.

Recently, Palauans discussed the issue through an online forum that the shortage of dialysis filters prompted some patients undergoing dialysis to make plans on going off-island to seek help while others were reportedly in panic mode, wondering when the supplies would arrive. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)