September 2019 – The Protected Areas Network (PAN) Fund was awarded $20,000 from the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) to implement the PAN Unites Project.

The goal of this project is to reinforce community engagement and communication strategy for PAN through a series of activities. This project is intended to create momentum for an ongoing program of community engagement and capacity development activities that strengthens the effective implementation of PAN with the inclusion of an engaged group of PAN partners and stakeholders. These activities include (1) implementation of a PAN conference to highlight PAN’s collective achievements, challenges, and opportunities for innovative learning, (2) implementation of a PAN Forum highlighting PAN’s innovations to state leadership, and (3) implementation of a PAN Youth Program to inspire environment and conservation stewards.

Through MCT award, PAN will be able to move the project forward with activities to increase engagement and awareness with various stakeholders so that in turn PAN can be provided with adequate and relevant support to further its work.

PAN also acknowledged the additional 14 recipients of the grant and announces the upcoming PAN Conference to be held this year on November 25 and 26. (PR)