File Photo of the Palau International Airport.

Palau Asia Pacific Air Inc. announces that it will resume its flight beginning January 31, 2019, with direct flights from Hong Kong to Palau and Macau to Palau.

According to its representative, the airline will have 3 flights a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from Hong Kong to Palau. “This will cut flight time from Hong Kong to Palau to about 3 and half hours.  Right now to come to Palau from Hong Kong, it takes about 10 hours because of flying to Korea and then waiting for few hours for the flight to Palau.”

Macau to Palau flight will be 3 times every 2 weeks.  “It going to be 3 times in two weeks because not many want to fly to Macau and then Palau.  Their airport is small and then you have to take a ferry to Macau which takes too much time.”

This restoration of direct flight from Hong Kong and Macau to Palau will bring visitors to many businesses that were affected when number of direct flights from China were drastically dropped.

In addition, expected increase in number of flights from Japan and Taiwan, will bring visitors from traditional markets that have declined in recent years due to oversaturation of the visitors from one source market. (L.N. Reklai)