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Flori-Anne Dela Cruz, PATA’s Face of the Future delivered a presentation at the Tommy E. Remengesau Building on Tuesday December 3rd regarding the future of the next generation. She starts off by saying that “you have to take the first few steps into thinking who would be the next generation and how we can build that gap then connect it.”

In her presentation, she mentioned that it’s important to give the next generation of leader’s guidance and support. By doing that, Dela Cruz says that there has to be a sincere interest in the younger generation and getting to know who they are.

Then from there she talked about the importance of taking the initiative to learn about their passions in life and nurturing their potential so that they can contribute something in the future. She went on by saying that “we must provide the youth with meaningful opportunities.” Opportunities that not only get them excited, but to motivate them as well.

Another useful tip she shared is that time should be given to the youth and exposing them to connections in various industries can be beneficial. Giving tips and advice can be effective Dela Cruz said that “even the smallest things can impact the next generation of leaders.”

During the conclusion of her presentation, she brought up PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) specifically which stands for Youth Tourism Profession. In this program, she said that people who are the age of 18-35 can join. PATA Youth Tourism Profession provide a lot of internship opportunities and workshops for those who wish to join.

Miss Flori-Anne Dela Cruz is a young woman of 23 and she was appointed by newly elected Honorable Governor of Guam, Lourdes Leon Guerrero to be the Youth Representative of Guam Visitors Bureau. PATA also named her 2019 PATA Face of the Future. Which is the most prestigious honor given to young tourism professionals in the Asia Pacific region. (Telbakes Yano)