By: L.N. Reklai

December 19, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Kedam, the new 40 meter patrol boat arrives in Malakal harbor this morning.  The new patrol boat, slightly larger than PSS Remeliik, left Japan over a week ago piloted by Japanese captain and the newly trained Palauan crew members to its new berth here at its home port.


Kedam is part of the package provided by Nippon Foundation to support Palau’s maritime law enforcement efforts.  In addition to the 40 meter patrol boat, Nippon foundation also provided a smaller patrol boat, Euatel, a new Marine Law Enforcement building and a brand new wharf for the patrol boats.

Sasakawa Peace Foundation, also part of the Nippon Foundation Group, provided training for Palau marine law enforcement officers, salaries for 15 crew members and 5 On Job Trainees as well as fuel and maintenance for the patrol boats for 10 years.

The construction of the wharf is completed and the Marine Law Office is also nearing completion.

Total value of both grant packages in support of Palau’s maritime enforcement program is $60 million dollars.

Patrol boats will officially be handed over to Palau in February of next year. [/restrict]